The Lichfield Lighthouse Foo Foo Band was formed towards the end of 2012. The term "Foo Foo Band" derives from the days of sailing ships when the sailors, in what little leisure time they had on board, would assemble an impromptu band, say a fiddler and concertina player and one or two singers and entertain themselves at the "fore" end of the ship, which is where "forebitter" comes from  

We practice for an hour before the start of the shanty session, i.e. 7 - 8 pm on the first and third Monday of the month. At present we are adding three tunes to the repertoire at each practice, one shanty tune, one session tune and a morris tune. Some of us play from music, others by ear. The tunes are emailed out in advance, about week beforehand. It is planned to compile a playlist on Spotify so band members can familiarise themselves with the tunes if necessary.

New band members always welcome.

Here are the links to our current repertoire: -

Shanty Tunes    Session Tunes    Morris Tunes    Medleys